Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So I Spent Today Reading....

I took a day for myself today and spent the day reading. I was reading a tour book but it was good and I knew I had to have it done tonight. That is what my calender said.

I finished it and it was a very good book. As I was going over the material for the tour, I happened to glance at the schedule and my date was not until 5/6. I wrote up the whole post and everything and I do not know how to set a post to go up on a certain date so I am stuck with keeping pushing this post to the front of my other posts for a week or so. But I wanted to put my reviews in different places and talk about the book. I read some recent reviews and they were good too. But for now the word is mum and I have a new book to read for a tour in a week. Thank goodness it is a short book. But my whole rotation is out of schedule now.

:( not now. *sigh*

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