Sunday, April 27, 2014

What An Accomplishment

I just finished reading a book two days ago.

Every time I finish a book I feel like it was an accomplishment and I think that is true. You invested you time, emotions, and energy into the read.

My big issue is I cannot tell anyone about the book because it is a tour book. Tours are great you see I do a lot of them. But I usually finish the book just under the gun. This time I got my dates mixed up and I am a whole week early. I wanted to tell everyone so bad that I put a placeholder if you will on goodreads. I wrote in the review "Read the book for a tour, review coming soon. But it was good". I could not help myself.

Does anyone else feel like this? For my readers, do you feel when you are done like it is big news and you have to tell all your friends? By the way I told my friends and my husband and my mom, etc.

And bloggers, if you do tours do you feel that sense of having to tell someone about the book if you finished it early?

I would love to hear your comments below!

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