Saturday, April 26, 2014

by Claire Fallon)

For those of us with bookcases jammed with hefty tomes, the idea of a bookend may sound quaint. Why not just buy more books to fill the extra shelf space? But if you want to expand your book storage options, bookends are a convenient way to turn a wall shelf, desktop, mantelpiece or kitchen counter into a makeshift bookshelf. (If you do have a half-filled bookshelf in need of a handy bookend, we won't judge you for that either.)

Here are 17 amazing bookends that double as quirky decorative accent pieces:
  • The End Bookend
    Let's begin at the end. (Via CB2.)
  • Ceramic Mermaid
    Why should all the fantastical mythical creatures get to stay inside the books? (Via Iron Accents)
  • The End Bookend
    It really is the end for this little guy -- except that this sturdy bookend will ensure your books stay threateningly tilted over him, rather than on him, forever. (Via Mental Floss)
  • Scroll Bookend Wine Racks
    Love wine? Love books? Solve two storage problems in one with a wine rack bookend set. (Via Amazon.)
  • Victorian Whale Bookends
    Is it just us, or is this whale... smirking at us? (Via Anthropologie.)
  • Edison Lamp Bookend
    Hold your books in place, or illuminate them for easier reading -- this old-fashioned lamp bookend can do it all. (Via Etsy.)
  • Reading Fox Bookends
    Uh oh, there's an adorable fox lurking behind your books. (Via Etsy.)
  • Oak Vase Bookend
    Fresh-cut flowers and well-organized books: a perfect combination. (Via Adra Home.)
  • Bibliophile Bookends
    Why yes I am, and thanks for noticing! (Via Etsy.)
  • Halve Bookends
    Fish! Guys, there are fish in these bookends! If you're an indifferent pet owner (or an irresponsible one), skip the fauna and use these as bookend vases instead. (ViaGenerate Design.)
  • Billy Bookend
    This off-kilter 'B' would drive us crazy -- it can never be straightened! -- but that just keeps us on our toes. If only this bookend came in every letter of the alphabet. (ViaIkea)
  • Indice Bookends
    These bookends don't stop at supporting your reading material -- they organize it as well! Separate different sets of magazines, divide books by different favorite authors, or just use them to add a pop of color to your bookshelf. (Via MOMA.)
  • Pipe and Gauge Bookends
    These books appear to be under a lot of pressure. (Via Etsy.)
  • Ceramic Bird Bookends
  • Bookworm Bookshelf
    You can quibble about whether this is really a bookshelf, but the built-in bookends are what makes this curly, crazy book storage system work. (Via Hive.)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Bookends
    Again, this is a whole shelving system -- but you can rearrange the colored panels to use them as bookends or room dividers. These bookends can really do it all. (ViaObjeti.)
  • Book Ends
    These bookends are definitely just bookends, and they want you to know it. (Via Dutch By Design.)


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