Monday, April 28, 2014

Feng Shui for Bookworms


It took me a while to realize that a physical book can greatly affect my mood – even if I don’t open its cover.

At my desk, I kept glancing at my favorite titles, wishing I could just lie down and read instead of doing work.

I needed a change. So I gave my room a Book Arrangement Makeover. The YA and favorite fiction went to the more relaxing area by my bed, and the Malcolm Gladwell, philosophy, and theatre books came to my desk.

Now my workspace has a more academic feel. Do I ever reach for these books to use while I’m working? No. But something about them being there, containing their wisdom, puts me in the right state of mind. Weird, right?

The bookshelf by my bed is more practical. The two cubbies closest to my bed include books that I do leaf through before drifting off. “Anthropologie” books, like these favorites, that I love to read over and over.

To the left, is the children’s section. Something about having familiar titles helps lull me into a safe sleep.

Do books shape your mood? How do your organize your shelves? Maybe it’s time for a rearrange!

miss xandra bee

*Blogger's note: This gave me some good ideas. I need to just paint and rearrange my bookshelves and I will be a lot happier. I have the space to do it. i am tired of all of my books piled up on the end table. They do affect you even if they are not open.

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