Sunday, April 20, 2014

A-Z Challenge - P

P is for Punctual

For my blog I always want fresh information on and I think I do a great job of it. My favorite thing is when I post something and read about it in someone else's blog or another publication a week or so later. I cannot read EVERYTHING and I hate when I miss things. But I really believe in scanning the sites that have the best book information and posting the information promptly. I have skipped good things because they were a few days old. I do not know the chances of you knowing about the information but I am assuming that you did know it because it was say, four days old.

As far as reading books, I cannot keep leaving tour books until the last minute. So I laid out a calender, one on a dry erase board, and hopefully that will give me visual help. Speaking of I have a book due in three days and am only 40 pages in. That is about 1/7th done. But I should me farther ahead. At least it is good. So from now on I will be more puncutal.

Tomorrow - Q

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