Sunday, March 30, 2014

You Need To Stop And Look At These Kids From Around The World With Their Toys

by Alan White)

Photographer and journalist Gabriele Galimberti spent a year travelling to over 50 different countries. At the end of it he had these wonderful pictures for his book Toy Stories.

Mikkel, 3, from Norway.

Naya, 3, from Costa Rica.

Allenah, 4, from the Philippines.

Julius, 3, from Switzerland.

Arafa and Aisha, 5, from Zanzibar.

Tyra, 3, from Sweden.

Watcharapon, 4, from Thailand.

Abel, 4, from Mexico.

Enea, 3, from Colorado.

Sofia, 4, from Bradford on Avon, U.K.

Get the book here.

All pictures taken by Gabriele Galimberti/INSTITUTE / Via Toy Stories, Gabriele Galimberti, Published by Abrams Image

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