Friday, March 21, 2014

Free Books


The Sky Between Two Worlds: Part 1-Nightfall
4.4 stars on 27 reviews.
Military SciFi Technothriller.
Free 3/21.
The Sky Between Two Worlds is a fast-paced Science Fiction Technothriller of a future world of titanic East-West conflict. Kantak Johnson, an Alaskan student at MIT, about to graduate and begin service in the air force, discovers how to improve stealth aircraft. A professor, sympathetic to hostile nations, learns of the discovery, and the professor discloses it to them. Kantak and friends are cast into a morass of assassins and political intrigue, and the rest of the world faces the danger of two hostile nuclear powers armed with stealth weapons that no one can detect. Then an American drone strike goes tragically awry....

My Way Home (St.Gabriel Series Book 1)
4.6 stars on 72 reviews.
Women's fiction.
Free 3/21.
For over twenty years, Cammy Coleman dreamt of visiting the beautiful island of St. Gabriel. Filled with history and tradition, it's surrounded by the brilliant northern waters of Lake Brigade. Charming old buildings line its main street, and grand homes, cottages, gardens and woods complete the picture-perfect landscape. Life has never allowed Cammy to make the trip to St. Gabe, but she's been content to be a homemaker, mother, and wife to her husband of twenty-five years, tucking away her dreams for someday.

Our best free books for Friday.

Prince Charming Wanted; Dowry Seekers Kiss Off! (hilarious romantic comedy set in India) 4.6 stars on 78 reviews
Behind the Mask (Horstberg Saga Volume 1) 4.9 stars on 53 reviews. Romance.
Tropical Warning: An Original Serge Storms Story and Other Debris 4.3 stars on 65 reviews. Humor and Satire.
All is Lost (All Series, Book 2) 4.6 stars on 38 reviews. Coming of Age.
Artemis Rising 4.3 stars on 50 reviews. Fantasy
Be All (All Series, Book 1) 4.5 stars on 58 reviews. Romance.
The Assignment 4.3 stars on 34 reviews. Mystery. Suspense.
The Binding (The Velesi Trilogy) 4.4 stars on 231 reviews. Action. Adventure.
Dream Weaver 4.4 stars on 28 reviews. paranormal romance, young adult, scifi, fantasy.
Storm Clouds Rolling In (#1 in the Bregdan Chronicles Historical Fiction Romance Series) 4.5 stars on 176 reviews.
Lord of the Abbey (Lords of Avalon Series) 3.9 stars on 69 reviews. Historical romance.
Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity I 4.6 stars on 21 reviews. Political/Military Thriller.

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