Friday, March 28, 2014

Things That Happen In My Book World

In my book world all is good. I do not get sick. I get to blog and get hundreds of readers everyday. My book is done and publisher's are fighting over it. Everyone is nice and empathetic. I get to help on all book tours as well as reading my own books.

But here is the reality.

My frequent visitors may have noticed I have not been blogging as much as usual. You all know I have a lot of medical problems that I try not to bring up but things happen. I have been stressed and basically needed not to be. My blood pressure has been high and have been having a lot of chest pain. I am getting a lot of tests. So I have been resting.

I miss blogging and miss all of you and I hope you will understand but I am trying to bring you the blitzes and the winners of contests and things like that just to keep a few things up and keep my blog going. I think normally people do not blog all day long but I do. I hate not being on the cutting edge of book news and passing that onto you.

My book has to be set aside for a bit. I need to be dedicated. But it will be written. I introduced someone to drabbles so you may see more of those.

I could use help on my book tours but that is my own fault I overbook. I try so hard to be helpful. And as far as reading my own books, the book I have wanted to read that is not a tour book all sixty percent of it has been read at doctors offices.

When I talk about people being nice I am not talking about all of you. I have never had anyone mean on my blog. I am talking about a sort of known blogger who, after ignoring numerous comments I left on her blog as well as email I sent her (she does some book tours, one of which I signed up for as well as signing up for her to redo my website and get paid for it), I was tired of getting more answers from people I barely know then from her. So I sent her an email. She sent me an email back and it was not nice. She said I was mean and you all know me. I was not mean at all. I simply asked her to remove me from all lists I was on and forget abou the tour and doing my website and that I expect to have my comments answered. I got hit with a post on her blog ranting. I was mixed in with three others from what it reads were actual mean people but I stuck up for myself. I blogged on her site and did not do it anon. I wanted people to hear my side. I answer all of my email. And ESPECIALLY my comments on my blog. She said she hoped my blog got so big that I would understand. I would hope I would still get back to people even if to tell them I was busy and would get back to them on downtime. If she is that busy, then maybe she needs to slow down or get help. So this was stress I did not need. She was very passive-aggressive. Gave me more chest pain.

I know this coming week is going to be busy and I may still not be feeling well. I also had router and laptop problems. I am going to have to take it in again and it will be 2-5 days. I am going to have to do it soon which means I am going to miss blitzes. April is crazy with four blitzes a day. And the giveaways that go along with them. So I hope that will keep you interested and busy.

So you may not care but I wanted to explain why my blog has not been up to par. I hope that changes soon I miss it so much. Just give me some time to catch up. I know I have contests to pick winners from and comments to answer. You know I LOVE and appreciate comments.

Thank you for letting me rant.

I want to just close my eyes and go to my book world where things work out well and have a happy ending. The book is a happy book. I hope you all have a happy book world to retreat to when you need too.

Thank you again I have been getting a lot of views for not posting that much and I sure do appreciate it. I do love each and everyone of you because without you there is no book blog.

Love and Light to you all.


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