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Romance & Paranormal
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Okay so this is really cool. We are showcasing 8 best selling authors. Please visit their blogs after you read my post.

I was shown the following book covers:

And then I was asked to write a 200 - 300 word comment on which one or two of these covers & titles appeals to me most.

So I will start there. This was very tough for me but I picked two covers that intrigued me and they are The Merry-Go-Round by Donna Fasano and Timelapse by Lorrie Farrely. Let me break it down for you.

I was immediately drawn to The Merry-Go-Round because of course the name reminds me of a favorite childhood activity. However I know they are probably talking about it in another sense ie someone's life being like a merry-go-round. But the real draw was the woman on the front. She captured that look in her face that said to me "I have a story to tell and you are going to have to find out all about me to hear it". And looking at her I want to find out about her and her story. The body langueage, where she is on the cover (at a desk), I want to know more. Again her face says it all. Whoever picked this model did a great job. And again, who in their life has not felt like the world was spinning too fast? So that is why I chose this book.

The next book, Timelapse just yelled out to me READ ME I AM INTERESTING AND MYSTERIOUS! I love the coloring. I did a post once that if you put orange on a book cover it will always stand out and be chosen to be read. The name intrigues me because why timelapse? Is someone loosing time? And why? Or is it something else completely like nothing I have read. A different story. And the cover does not say romance really to me however there is a couple on it so that may be the romance part there. They look like they are running from something or to something and I want to find out what. And that remote control...what is that for? Is it part of the story or  is the cover just playing tricks on me. This is a story I would want to read and this is why this was my second pick.

Now there are more prizes to give away so keep checking back.   But first the authors of the above books had a job to do for this hop also. And that  job was to make their post for the day a piece entitled: "a day in the life of....." (book character's name), giving readers interesting insight into their books. So please visit the following links to the authors pages and read these great posts!

Donna Fasano

Jackie Weger

Joanne Hill

Dianne Greenlay

Abby L. Vandiver

Lorrie Farrely

Mary Smith

Carmen Desousa

Did you visit yet? WELL GET GOING! There are some great posts out there. And do not forget to comment.

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Spend the next four days with us as we have a lot of fun with some fabulous authors.

And there is more to give away! As soon as the head of the tour sees my post, she is going to send me a link with more goodies and information. This is a four day long event to showcase these wonderful authors. So stick around!

Keep checking back for more information and please post here if you have visited any of the authors and if you liked their posts. Also I would love feedback on my post also. You can comment below as you know. I would love to hear from you and you can post in less words of course about the book covers. I look forward to your posts. :)

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  1. Hey, Melissa, thanks for hosting us. I'm intrigued by my fellow e-novel authors books in this blog - I haven't read them all, so I'm looking forward to it. All the best!

    1. Joanne you are more than welcome. I also am intrigued by these novels and am looking forward to reading them. I know your name because I signed up for a lot of your social media. I was interested. I wanted to read the authors posts on their characters and I have been ill so I will get to that. I cannot wait to read yous. Please stop by anytime you are welcome to blog here of course. I hope to talk to you again. Happy Hop!