Monday, March 24, 2014

Being on Tour

I was so excited the very first day I found out about virtual book tours. I remember authors actually going on talk shows to promote their book and now they have the luxury of doing it in their pajamas. How cool is that?! And for me to be a part of question was where do I sign up?

I even did a blog post on this subject from an author who was around in the 70's and mentioned how amazed she was that she did not have to go to x amount of cities in x amount of time and get hair and makeup done. She had a love/hate relationship with the virtual tour.

So I was nervous about my first tour post. It was very blah. I found ways to spruce it up by seeing some other blogs. My own ideas but with a little more jazz.

Now my calender is filled with blitzes, tours, and cover reveals. I have to worry every day (any my calender goes to June so far). I am either reading a book, reviewing it, or making sure I have the info for my tours, blitzes or cover reveals for the next day. In fact, I get so much email I had to make a totally separate one for only the tour groups to send their information to because there was too much precious information to be lost among the top 10 books of the day or whatever mail I am getting.

The blitzes are fine as well as the cover reveals (unless you do not get the information or cannot find it). But it is stressful and I just recently have started getting thank yous from the authors and I was floored. And very grateful. It is not rocket science but it is work. It takes about a half hour to make sure (at least I do because I have found a lot of mistakes) that everything is spaced correctly and set up nice and that the links go to where they say they go to.

The tours are another story. Would I like to read every book that they put in front of me? For the most part yes! But I am so jammed I am basically reading a book a week. The trouble comes when I try to squeeze in that extra book or, as most of you know, my health takes a turn for the worst. And what about my comfort books? My books I want to read on my own? They fall by the wayside.

So what do I do?

I keep going. You all seem to love the book blitzes and tours and cover reveals. We all love the giveaways. I wanted to let you know it is stressful and you have to take that into consideration when you take on as many tours and blitzes as I do. But I want new authors and established authors alike to be known and want to help showcase their work. And that is why I do this. Not for me or my blog. Because I can run a blog without all of that. But it is more fun with it! ;)

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