Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

I watch every year (I am a big kid). It just hit me that I never remember seeing a favorite book so I, like every good book reader, did some research and went online to vote for kids shows and music that I barely know. Then I finally hit it. The books. These are the suggestions for this year's awards show:

Diary of a Whimpy Kid Series
Harry Potter Series
The Hobbit
The Hunger Games

So I am familiar with all of these books but have not read them. I saw the first Whimpy Kid movie and loved it and I also saw the first two Hobbits and loved them as well. But we are talking books. I am not sure how I feel. Nickelodeon is for very small children to teens. So are these good books to pick from?

I would love to know what you think. Please comment below. I am really curious because I do not have children. I just act like one :) I may put these books on my tbr now just because.

I wonder since I have never heard it if it is one of those awards they do not announce on stage but you can find out information about. If so that is sad. I think they should put emphasis on reading. I understand they are kids and excited and big hollywood names are there and there are other things to be voted on but I would love to see the writer be in the audience and when they announce the book, for him/her to come up and accept it. I may write a letter to Nick. It is next week so I am sure everything is finalized.

If you are interested and want to vote, simply click here: Nickelodeon KCA Awards Favorite Book Pick. And while you are there, if you want just go to the main page or go backwards because that is maybe the 16th question, back up until you hit question one. Have fun voting!

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