Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You're a Book Nerd If...

(from huffingtonpost.com
by Beth Bartlett)

In this age of YouTube and endless TV, it takes passion to fulfill yourself with the written word. Yet the book nerd thrives, surviving on the scent of old books and the meaty thoughts of great writers. How do you tell the difference between the casual reader and those with binding glue in their veins?

You know you're a book nerd if...

1) The thought of ripping apart a book for a craft project horrifies you.

2) You've been caught sniffing books in the back aisle of a used bookstore.

3) Even though you're grown, the words "school book fair" excites you to this day.

4) You hate going to movies based on books, because they never live up to the movies in your head.

5) You look at garage sales and thrift stores as a way to rescue books, not just buy them.

6) There's a real concern your TBR (To Be Read) pile could fall over and crush you in your sleep.

7) You know more classic author quotes than pop culture catchphrases.

8) You've dated a librarian just for the bulk discount on bookmarks.

9) You think about characters long after you've finished the book, and wonder how they are.

10) You've added GPS tags to your bookplates so you know where your loaned books are at all times.

11) You bring a book to every event, even a date, because you never know when you'll have the chance to read.

12) You tweet your favorite (living) authors and do a happy dance in the living room when they tweet you back.

13) If they follow you back on Twitter, you lose your mind.

14) You own multiple copies of your favorite books, because you can't resist a snazzy new cover.

15) You love all books, whether they're electronic, paper, scrolls or etched on stone tablets.

16) You have no idea what's on television tonight.

*Blogger's note: I am a nerd. 13/16. That is okay by me though. :)


  1. I got 12/16, but I don't tweet or twitter, so you could say 12/14. LOL. I'm a nerd and proud of it.

  2. If you are a nerd and you know it clap your hands! lol! I love these cute types of articles.