Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dear Readers

My everyday readers will have probably noticed I have been sporadically posting and not the volume I usually do. I have not been well physically.

You all know I have MS. I have other problems also. Stress aggrevates the condition and I have been under a lot of stress from a few places.

I wish I could share more but this is hard for me. I am going to try to bring you my blog the way you have come to know it. In the meantime I hope you will stop by for the contests and the book bitzes which I still am required to do. And stop by for updates and my blog back to normal when it gets there. I do not want to loose what I worked so hard to build.

For those of you who pray I hope you will keep me in your prayers I am really not doing to well.

I miss you all dearly and I cannot wait until this passes.

Love to all of you.

Love and Light,

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