Monday, May 26, 2014

Books on a Budget: A Guide

by Amy Sachs)

One of my favorite things is adding a book to my shelf after I’m done reading it. I love buying books and having them and maybe it’s a bit of a problem, but it’s a problem we all share. However, the book addict life can be an expensive one. SO, I wanted to put together a post of ways to add to your collections without breaking the bank. For a broke college student, these work well for me!

Book Sales. Libraries, churches, independent book stores, they all have book sales, usually in the spring and fall, in my experience. Prices of books obviously vary, but they can be as cheap as $0.50 for paperbacks sometimes. And if you’re lucky, the last day will have one of those “all the books you can fit in a bag for $5″ things. Just need to navigate around the people with the book scanners looking to resell everything they can.

Yard Sales. With the nicer weather finally sticking around, sunny weekends are perfect for yard/garage sales. People always use these as a way to de-clutter, and books inevitably find themselves abandoned on the front lawn. Grab some sunglasses and take a walk around your neighborhood, who knows what you could find!

Thrift stores/Goodwill. Another place where wayward books find themselves. I’ve found some brand new Sarah Dessen books and some classics at thrift stores, for like $0.50 each! Embrace your inner Macklemore (we all have one), and scope out your local thrift stores or good will!

Independent, used book stores. My love for exploring these local treasures is how this blog got started, and I still love nothing more than grabbing a cup of coffee and getting lost in a tiny old book store. These are perfect because in addition to being cheaper than chain stores, they often have a lot of things I can’t find anywhere else. And you’re supporting local businesses, and that’s always a good thing. My favorite in the Philadelphia area will probably always be The Book Trader.

Last but not least….Libraries! I know this doesn’t help you ADD to your bookshelf, but I’ve just discovered you can also use your library card to borrow e-books and audiobooks through Overdrive, and I’m loving that so much lately!
These are my favorite money saving, book buying deals. Where are some of your favorite places to buy books? On a budget or otherwise!

*Blogger's note: I want to add two other ways to get books. Go to someplace like Simon and Shuster or Penguin and sign up for their site. They usually have arcs to send out and will. That is how I got a lot of my books. Another way is to enter contests. I have won over 100 books in contests. Try for the ones you have odds on. For example there is a giveaway of one book with 879 entries compared to a giveaway of 25 books to 134 entries. Go for the 25 books - the odds are better. Of course this depends on what genre you like to read. I read all genres so I enter most conteets. Either way I hope all of these tips will get some new books on your shelf inexpensively!

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