Saturday, May 24, 2014

Audibles Part Two

If you follow my blog you will see that I wrote about two days ago. I wrote more about the site than the book I listened to. But I did my review on that two days ago.

So I was sitting here with this extra credit for that site and I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to get. This had to be a book I did not have and maybe one off of my to get list. So many books! 21 Modern Mysteries You Won't Be Able To Put Down, a piece that I posted, had a lot of great books on it and books that are on so many lists. Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn was on there, along with two more of her books. So I read the description but there was none. The description pretty much said any information would spoil the book. I was intrigued. So I looked at the rest of the mystery books on the above list and settled on Gone Girl. I am really excited about this first of all because I got it for free and it was over $20.00. I also saw it is 19 hours long. Now a 300 page book is about 3 hours long so I was wondering how long this book was! It has it split into three parts, all equal listening length. But I see on goodreads it is 422 pages so I do not know about the parts and about why it is so long. I am sure they will explain and if my husband was not sick on the couch I would start listening to it now. I am very excited about this book. I also am thinking of purchasing a pack of credits for audibles. Try a few more books. When I am done with Gone Girl I will put up a review and I hope I love it and I hope I get to it before the movie comes out.

I was just thinking you all know I get ill from time to time when my MS flares up. Those are days I cannot read. Now I have audibles to fall back on. That is such a comfort because I could really get through three books while my husband is at work! Exciting stuff. I will keep you posted.

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