Saturday, May 24, 2014

Life and Novels Have a Lot In Common.

I am reading a book now, I do not want to say which one, but I realized life and books have a lot in common. I have thought about this in the past but it really hit me in this book. There is you, the central character, the other people in your life or your other characters. There is a plot. In fact a plot and subplots. There are stories piled upon stories.

Everyone you meet personally or just see walking down the street has their own story. We are the hero's and heroine's of our own stories. As we live, so does the story.

There are all the emotions that we feel in books. Joy, sadness, love, hate, depression, elation, rejection, hard times, good times, forgiveness, hope, triumph, and tribulation. Finding love, loosing love, laughing, and crying.

Our story like life is one scene that leads into another. We do not always know what is going to happen to us in our story just like in a novel. What is waiting around the corner? We keep turning the pages, keeping our memories with us.

We just want to live another day. Whether we are going with the flow or fighting to stay alive.

We win and loos battles. All of our history are stories of civilizations gone by. Most religions have a rich history of story telling, like the Bible.

We hear stories and tell stories. We live stories, we are all stories.

*Blogger's note: piece based on an idea by Caleb Pirtle III

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