Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories

by Jonathan Holowka)

Are you feeling like you could use a little bit more creepiness in your life? A few months ago, an Ask Reddit thread asked users to come up with the scariest short two sentence stories they could imagine. It did not take long for the thread to take off and for people to turn their lights on.

Take cover under a blanket and relish in the creepiness that these top 10 two sentence horror stories provide, because it is quite a bit. A big thank you to Imgur user Watermelonmoose for turning the stories into images, which only make them that much creepier.

By therealhatman

By jmperson

By Miami_Metro

By EvilSteveDave

By Drrd777

By Calamitosity

By The_D_String

By Doctordevice

By Hangukbrian

By Wartortlesthebestest

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