Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Releases 5.20.14


Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

A fun, fast-paced paranormal romance makes for perfect summer reading. Charley Davidson is quite the character, a paranormal private eye with a wild streak engaged to Reyes, the dark, only son of pure evil. When Charley stumbles upon the FBI files filled with juicy details on Reyes’s childhood and family, she can’t help but take a look. And then everything really goes crazy. Now Charley has to deal with a very suspicious fiancĂ©…and the Twelve Beasts of Hell

The One & Only by Emily Giffin

We’ve read all of Giffin’s books and are eager to check out this new one about growing up and discovering your true self. Shea Rigbsy knows two things: Walker, Texas and football. She’s spent her entire life in this small, football crazed Texas town, thinking she loved the life she chose. But when a tragedy shatters Shea’s world, she realizes it’s time to get out of her comfort zone—and discovers that the world she trusted for so long was not always what it seems. A reminder of what it takes to face our fears, forge ahead and follow our hearts.

The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

The bestselling author of Pretty Little Liars is back with a pulse-pounding thriller that will leave you guessing. The Saybrooks are the seemingly perfect family blessed with good looks, obscene wealth, and a wildly successful diamond empire. But scandal and secrets follow them everywhere. When Poppy Saybrook throws herself out of a window, the gossip pages are churning. Why would she end her life? But when Poppy’s cousins receive a note with the warning, “One heiress down, four to go,” they realize something more sinister is at play. If Poppy was murdered, who did it…and who will be next?


  1. Never read these authors before

    1. That is my MO. I know a lot of blogs follow the same authors. Since I read all genres and I have my favorite authors but I usually pick up new ones more often I like to bring everyone what they want. I hope you will pick up one of these books. I am glad I posted it it was only three books so I though I would post a bigger list like usual but then I thought someone might want to read these.