Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We Hit 15,000!

I just wanted my readers, whether here for the first time or those who have been with me for two and a half months, to know that today I made it over the 15,000 view mark. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I did the math and I know I post a lot but that is not it. I am very happy and excited and I do have all of you who read, especially those of you who come everyday, to thank for it. I hope to keep bringing you quality posts, great book news, funny bits, interviews, reviews, my daily "The Quote, The Review, The List" and my specials for the few days of the week that I have come up with. Not to mention cartoons, giveaways, book tours, cover reveals, you name it, I am doing it. And I read and review all genres.

So I do not know what else to say. It seems like just yesterday I was excited to hit 1,000 and back then I was getting 30-60 views a day and was ecstatic! Now I get, well a lot more than that. In the couple of hundreds everyday and I am so happy to bring book love to everyone within getting on the internet distance.

All my love to my readers and thank you again.