Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CWRU Annual Book Sale is an Anticipated Yearly Event for Bibliophiles

by Mark Horning)

CWRU Book Sale

Adelbert Gym

2128 Adelbert Rd.

Cleveland, Ohio

May 31 through June 3, 2014

Believe it or not, in spite of the proliferation of e-books and devices to read them, there are still quite a few book enthusiasts who enjoy the feel of a nicely bound book in their hands. If you are among this throng of faithful readers, this is the sale for you.

For the past 67 years, Case Western Reserve University has been holding an annual book sale sponsored by the Association for Continuing Education at CWRU. It takes a team of 40-50 people four days to set up the hundreds of tables of over 80,000 books.

The books have been generously donated from estate sales, private collections, professional libraries, and generous alumni. They are sorted by a dedicated crew of 20 volunteers who meet weekly to sort them into 11 departments and price accordingly.

Held after Memorial Day, the event draws large crowds and features titles from the worlds of popular fiction, history, politics, science, religion, art, foreign language, literature, cookbooks, textbooks, home, leisure, and sports. First editions and signed copies can be found in many departments. Vinyl records, CD’s, DVDs, sheet music, and books on entertainment as well as 20,000 gently used paperbacks are also available for sale. A wide range of children’s books include picture books, fairy tales and childhood classics, plus young adult titles and home schooling materials for a wide variety of age groups.

Pricing varies in each of the 11 categories. Each category has a special section of books that has been researched and priced by volunteers who know their shoppers and their interests in rare or collectable titles. Ordinary hardbacks are $2-$3, trade paperbacks are $1-$3, and beautiful art books $5-$50. Special sets and items are prices accordingly. Monday is reduced prices and the last day is “Box Day” (just 3 hours) and books are $5 a box. Assorted sized boxes are available, but shoppers are encouraged to bring their own.

The sale is held at Adelbert Gym located at 2128 Adelbert Rd. on CWRU campus and starts Saturday, May 31 through Tuesday, June 3, 2014. For more information, go to the Book Sale website at or call the ACE Office (216) 368 2090. Details about special preview times, shopping hours, photos of featured books, and parking will be listed online nearer the sale dates at