Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Tea

Last week I finished my Thursday Tea book and I was going to write the review today but I could not wait because it was so good. So it is already written. You can find it in the archives. In case you forgot the book was Valentine - Prelude To A KillThen by Daniel Cooney with Introduction by Noel Hynd. I did not really think about what else I was going to read for today until yesterday. But I think I found a gem and a perfect comfort read.

The name of the book is Friendship Cemetery by Adele Elliot. So far it is about an 18 year old girl who lost her father 8 months ago and hangs out in the cemetery, with her ghost journal, hoping to meet a friend that is hopefully a ghost. Her mother is exasperated. I know it may sound scary but so far it is endearing. Again an easy read it would seem. I think I am going to be crying at the end.

I am going to do my best to read five chapters each week. Or more if I cannot put it down. Again this was supposed to be my Thursday book, but when it comes to books, they have a mind of their own.