Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book on Graphology to Develop Characters of Children

(from indiatimes.com
by Saibal Gupta)

KOLKATA: According to modern scientists handwriting is not only a tool to understand the character of human being but a person's character and mental set up can be changed by modifying his or her handwriting. In a process to understand the children through handwriting and making necessary changes to help them grow in a better way, Kolkata based graphologists led by Mohon Bose wrote a book on handwriting- the first of its kind in India.

"Previously there were books on handwriting but this is first book where initiative has been taken to change the mindset and character of students through handwriting. For example, if a student's handwriting is jumbled up and one letter piles on other then the thinking process of the student is hazy and confusing. By taking proper care and changing of handwriting the mindset of the student can be changed," Mohon Bose said.

The book- 'Developing a child's handwriting' is a book in five volumes where the first three volumes are dedicated for the development of the child's handwriting and the next two volumes are written to caution what should not be done. "Handwriting is a motor-motion where the spontaneity of the person of the brain is judged through the movement of the hands and that is eventually reflected in the writing. Today's children have too much of stress and the pressure is on even when the brain of the child is not properly developed. We need to systematise the brain through their writing," Bose said.

In India students are taught to follow two types of handwriting styles when writing in English- D'-Nelian style- a method in which the pen moves in a clock- wise and anti-clockwise direction and Parker style- the other method that focuses mainly on the ornamentation and curling.

"The book has five volumes and each deals with a specific aspect of a child's handwriting and its influence of character building. The book starts with what is called the stepping stone to a good handwriting - a proper pen grip and then goes on to letter formations, space management between letters, sitting posture, light arrangement, guide to parents and teachers among others," said Bose.

"At present M C Kejriwal Vidyapith has not only decided to include the book in their curriculum but they have even decided to publish the book. Apart from that many principals of different schools have showed their interest in including the book in their curriculum," Bose added