Friday, January 31, 2014

Re: Follow Friday - Spine Poetry

Here is an example of what I was talking about in my earlier post:

If I stay some quiet place without conscience, things fall apart.

Good right? I think so I love it.

I am going to attempt it. I can take a photo I just do not know where the photo is in my Galaxy S4. If anyone more technologically advanced then I am, before I get the instructions all the way upstairs, knows how to get the photo from the above mentioned phone, please comment! Because I plan on taking the picture with that phone when I am done with my Spine Poetry.

The above was done by by Alice and you can find her blog at

I have another example, the one I mentioned that I could not find earlier:

Demon’s Curse
On Midnight’s Wings
Stolen Nights
Just Like Fate
Elysian Fields

The above was done by one of our hosts for Feature and Follow and you can find her blog at

I would LOVE if any of my readers gave it a try. I would be more than happy to post it here on my blog and mention your name. I think it is such a creative idea and would like to see what everyone can do. If I come along  more today, I will post them. I will try to save a few at a time so you are not getting them one by one.

Only a book reader would think of this. :)