Friday, January 31, 2014

Giveaway notice

There are only three more days left to win The Hardest Part by Heather London. I hate to ask my readers all the time to enter the giveaways. I guess because I love books and contests so much, I enter as many as I can. And yes I do enter romance and YA also. I think I told you my theory. If I was meant to read it, I will win it or it will be made available to me. For example, I found a site where they give a certain amount of advanced copies to people that sign up, and I may have mentioned this, but you may have 25 copies and 878 people wanting this book. Well I put my name in for a few books and got on two lists already and the books are being mailed to me. Yipee!

In case you missed the The Hardest Part blitz, this book is labeled as an dark adult contemporary romance. It got 3.88 stars of 17 reviews. I love dark anything! Dark comedies, dark fairy tales. I may enter! I can even though it is my giveaway. But I want to see you win. There has to be room on your shelf for one more book! I know there tends to be a lot of romance novels here but the tour group I deal with, or really all of them, have a lot of YA romance and paranormal romantic thrillers. I try to vary it. But YA is where it is at right now unless you have been under a rock. I know I have YA fans out there. Or in this case NA.

So give the wheel a spin and see where it lands!! Be on the lookout for a blitz tomorrow and it will be for a fantasy book. So I hope that you enter both giveaways because there are a heck of a lot coming up for February. I have signed on for more tours to bring you more books and more giveaways. I was also trying to get different genres of books to blitz and or reviews/tour. So get busy and win some free books!