Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Set Brings Awareness of Pet Adoption and Animal Appreciation to Children

by Lesley Daunt)

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. have just released their brand new picture book set "Rescue Hero," designed to raise awareness in children about animal rescue and adoption and promote the welfare of animals.

"We need to plant the seeds in children when they are young to have respect and compassion for all creatures," says founder Diane Baumann. "This is something that resonates with many people and will touch all our hearts."

In addition to the story book, the set contains a CD of the title song "Rescue Hero" and a sing along music sheet as well as a purple plush dog handbag for girls and a rescue hero plush dog for boys, modeled after the characters in the book.

Kidz Entertainment Inc. creates quality products, very cleverly packaged, to give your child an educational, musical, entertaining and interactive experience bundled into one adventure. These unique products combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement and reach children on many sensory levels.

Last year, K.E.Inc. gave almost 200 picture book sets to the children from local elementary schools to assist in bringing smiles and enjoyment to some of the children who are still being affected by the aftermath of Super-storm Sandy. In the past, they have donated picture book sets to the children of Haiti and the children's library in San Pedro,
Belize, as well.

Look for Diane presenting her many exciting products at the world renowned Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City and at the LI Pet Expo, both happening in February 2014.

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