Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review of "Inside A Twisted Mind: A Collection of Scary Tales" by C.J.Kelley

In the beginning of the book, the author talks about how he is not normal, that his mind is warped, and invites you into his mind. He states there are different doors in the mind and that they were created in his twisted mind and appear in a whimsical fashion. He describes that Once he enters a door, the whole thought has to be played out before the door opens back up so he can leave.

That being said, this was a collection of short stories. I thought they were very well done. Scary and twisted. Behind door one there is a problem at a carnival. Door two is just wicked scary I cannot mention anything or I would spoil it. Behind the third door is a hungry couple. Behind the fourth door is an innocent inmate. Door five is just called "Trapped". Door six has a patient in a hospital. But why does she keep fighting the staff? And what is really going on?

So those are all the doors. I found the stories scary and with an awesome twist at the end which not to many people can pull off. You are just reading and then, the last few sentences really throw you because you had no idea. You are invested in the characters in a short amount of time. But horror is really about who lives and who dies.

I definitely suggest this book to horror fans.