Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book of ListsComes to Life

by Chris Erickson)

Ever had a favorite book made into a movie? Experienced that moment when the characters go from being images you created in your mind to something you can actually see and hear? That’s what happens to me at the Book of Lists party.

As the research director for the Tampa Bay Business Journal, I spend the entire year creating the Lists that comprise the Book of Lists. Having done this job for several years now, I have reached the point where I recognize the names of the companies that comprise most of the Lists, as well as the names of many of the top executives.

With a guest list limited to people who are in the Book of Lists, the party is an opportunity to see the “top local executive” column of my lists come to life. I also have the chance to show that I am a real person, not just an annoying computer who keeps sending survey reminder emails.

More importantly the Book of Lists party is a unique opportunity for the top business leaders in the area to get together, share ideas and celebrate the success that drives Tampa Bay’s economy. I am looking forward to tonight’s event and hope to meet as many Tampa Bay executives as possible.
Finally, I am hoping that when my idea for "Book of Lists: The Movie" finally gains momentum, the part of the research director will be played by Sandra Bullock.