Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review of "Witch Hunter And The Beanstalk" by Vincent Ferrante

This is a comic I picked up at New York ComicCon this past year. I picked up a few in the series.

This happens to be about Jack, from the story we should all know, Jack and the Beanstalk. Well it seems that when Jack stole from the Giant, he angered him. Not to mention when he was able to escape he left the love of his life there. So the Witch Hunter in his Witch Hunter's Lair talks to his assistant, Kitty. He talks about wanting some answers and looking for them in the Scarlet Circle. Kitty mentions that the biggest dopes are the giants and may spill the beans, so to speak, about the Scarlet Circle. So the Witch Hunter goes to where Jack lives. And then the adventure begins.

The Witch Hunter and Jack meet. The Witch Hunter has a mask that can help him see things that others cannot, Jack needs help to avenge his father who he believe the Giant killed. So they climb the beanstalk in hopes of "securing one more treasure" as Jack says. The Witch Hunter agrees. What do they find at the top of the beanstalk? You have to read the comic to find out.

First of all I love when fairy tales are played around with, which is what this comic did. It was amusing but it was also a good storyline. I am glad I have the two other Witch Hunter comics to read.

The art was okay. I have seen better. But I have seen a lot worse.

I would recommend this comic.