Friday, January 31, 2014

Authors Launch Yearlong Series of New Adult Romances

by Jessie Potts)

Today we get to visit with half of the authors (the other half get their say tomorrow, Feb. 1) involved in the Unfiltered series, 13 novels written by 14 different authors with Payge Galvin co-writing for continuity. One New Adult-oriented and steamy book launches each month, with book one, Unfiltered & Unlawful by Ronnie Douglas and Payge Galvin, out now. Next up, on Feb. 14: Unfiltered & Unknown by Lynne Jaymes and Payge.

Here are co-authors Ronnie and Payge to give us an overview of how the Unfiltered series came into being and what readers can expect …

Ronnie and Payge: The Unfiltered series started as a way for a group of friends to stay in touch. After several rounds of poolside cocktails, we thought it would be fun to write something together. We quickly had ideas for characters, a starting plot, and from there, we created plans that led to a book a month for a full year. Unfiltered starts when 12 strangers walk away from a night-shift shooting with more than $100,000 each in drug money, a pact never to speak again, and the chance to start over. Each story in the series follows one of the original 12 characters as some seek fame, others seek forgiveness, and some simply skip town. But every character — whether looking for it or not — finds love.

Jessie: What is your story about?

Ronnie Douglas (book one): Unfiltered & Unlawful is about Sasha "Sugar" Kovac, a girl who's made a lot of mistakes and is still making them at the start of the series. After the shooting of a drug dealer at the coffee shop where she works, she ends up on the run with her tattoo artist/best friend, Adam. He's everything she wants — and is sure she doesn't deserve.

Lynne Jaymes (book two): Unfiltered & Unknown is about Dillon, a singer who uses his share of the money to go to Vegas and audition for the show American Voice with his best friend, Savannah. As each of them moves up in the competition, they learn that their desire for each other just might be bigger than fame and fortune.

Bridgette Luna (book three): Unfiltered & Unsaved is a bit of a sexy good-girl book! My character Hope is a religious girl torn by guilt over being part of the conspiracy. That leads her to a chance meeting with a curiously honest (hot) con man, an evil crime boss, and a chance to use her cash to do some good for people in trouble. Falling passionately in love along the way might just be her road to salvation.

Jane Lukas (book four): My book, Unfiltered & Unhinged, is the story of one of the baristas from the Coffee Cave. Cass races motorcycles and meets Dev — a gorgeous and sexy mechanic — when she brings her bike in for repair. During the course of the rebuild, Cass and Dev discover their need for speed is matched by their need for each other.

Danni Pleasance (book five, Unfiltered & Unraveled): After the events at the coffee shop, Violet Laswell ends up in rehab for a drinking problem she doesn't have to avoid being disowned by her family. She falls hard for Cameron, a counselor at the rehab, but relationships between patients and staff are strictly forbidden.

Meg Chance (book six): Unfiltered & Undressed is about Lauren Taylor, a former webcam stripper who's always dreamed of being a lifeguard in sunny SoCal, but who never learned to swim — kind of a deal-breaker if you plan on saving lives Baywatch-style. To make matters worse, her new swim instructor, Will, is not only incredibly sexy, but like Lauren, is trying to escape his past.

Jessie: How was it writing a whole series with so many other authors?

Ronnie: I was nervous because there are some very strong personalities (including mine), but we didn't fight. Instead, it was like our friendship became even closer.

Payge: We started this whole project as a way to have fun and keep in touch, and it has exploded!! In a good way, though. We're in touch constantly, and we seriously all love these books to pieces! Best plan ever!

Lynne: I was afraid we wouldn't get along or that there would be conflict, but it's been amazing. Every day I look forward to long e-mail conversations with my friends, and I have so many smart people to turn to if I get stuck on something.

Bridgette: It's really exciting! We're all friends, and we were in love with the idea of the series the minute we came up with it. We also loved having a wide variety of "heat levels" and themes, so while we're all writing from the same shared starting point, we're bringing our own style and spice to the table. I've been amazed by the energy and enthusiasm of all of my friends ... it's really pulled us even closer together. Super fun!

Jane: Surprisingly easy to work with so many other writers! I love my friends, and we have all been super supportive of each other's stories be it in drafting them or editing them. I can't believe how much fun it has been!

Danni: I was intimidated by the idea of co-writing because I thought it meant giving up control of my story, but I have been so pleasantly surprised by how well it's worked. It's been AWESOME having people to discuss ideas and plot problems with, and cheer you on when you hit a rough spot.

Meg: Working with this many strong women has been nothing short of amazing! I thought we might butt heads, but instead we all have different strong suits that complemented one another beautifully.

Jessie: Which book are you most looking forward to?

Ronnie: I feel like I'm cheating because I've read several already and LOVE them all, but Lynne and I were writing ours at the same time, so we swapped notes the whole way through, too. That means I'm going to have to say book two, Lynne and Payge's book, Unlawful & Unknown.

Lynne: They're all so different, it's almost impossible to pick one, but I'll choose Unfiltered & Unhinged by Payge Galvin and Jane Lukas because I just finished it and it has a tough-as-nails heroine and a hot romance. And motorcycles — can't beat it!

Bridgette: I wouldn't miss a single one, but I confess I'm really looking forward to Unfiltered & Undecided by our fearless leader, Payge Galvin, and Lucy Byrd.

Jane: I can't wait to read Katy West's Unfiltered & Untouched! I love funny romances, and this book has it in spades! It tells the story of Allison, who attends a group therapy session as a way to meet the hot group leader and inadvertently signs a pledge of abstinence. Hijinks ensue!

Danni: I'm really looking forward to Raychel Price's Unfiltered & Unloved, because Raychel has some fabulously funny things planned involving her character and the fire station. Big boots and poles — imagine the possibilities!

Meg: I'm crazy excited for Unfiltered & Unraveled, Danni Pleasance's book about a girl who gets her first DUI and lands her in rehab (even though she isn't an addict) where she falls for a rehab counselor. Knowing Danni, it'll be devilishly fun and wickedly romantic!

Find out more about the Unfiltered series at Ronnie Douglas' website. And don't forget to stop by HEA tomorrow (Feb. 1) for more from the Unfiltered authors.

Jessie Potts, also known as Book Taster, adores books in all forms. She also does reviews for Bitten by Books and RT Book Reviews and is an intern at Entangled Publishing. You can follow her on Twitter (@BookTaster).