Thursday, May 14, 2015

Win An Autographed Copy of "Her" by Felicia Johnson

Felicia Johnson is giving away an autographed copy of her best seller "Her". Simply get on facebook and go to Felicia Johnson Author Page and follow the instructions. I am reading this book for the second time it is really worth it. It deals with mental health so if you are struggling with a mental health issue or know someone who is, more specifically Borderline Personality Disorder, you must check this out. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Want A Sneek Peak At A New Book Cover?

I was not able to copy the image however I have a link for you to follow. Check out the cover of Felicia Johnson's new book "Black Girl" We would love to know what you see and what you think. I love it and I gave my opinion which you will see there under Melissa. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek. I do not have a release date for the book but I will soon. Get geared up!

Black Girl

Also please visit Feliia's website at

Exciting News! Authors You Should Know.

I hope you are all familiar with some guests I have had on my blog and some short stories I reviewed. These horror stories were better than Steven King and I am not kidding. So hopefully you remember Evans and Adam Light. If not look them up on goodreads Evans  or  Adam or on their website Well I have not been well as you all may have guessed by me not posting for months. So as a get well gift I am being sent their collaborative books BAD APPLES: FIVE SLICES OF HALLOWEEN HORROR and DEAD ROSES: FIVE DARK TALES OF TWISTED LOVE. Make sure you check these out. I will be reading them as I stand by the mail box waiting to read them as soon as they get here! I will also be doing a review on each book so be on the lookout. I will talk to Evans and Adam about maybe doing a giveaway. It has been a long time. Show some support by commenting below so they will come back to my site to do a giveaway and maybe a guest post or interview. Thanks for stopping by. Look for another post later on....

You Must Follow This Link

I recently have been in contact with a wonderful woman named Trish who runs a mental health blog which is fabulous. On of my favorite authors, Felicia Johnson, did a guest post for Trish's site. It is very good because Felicia's book is about mental illness. It is fiction based on fact. So please go to the following link it is a short read and check it out. You may wind up buying the book!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

What I Am Reading

So I was ill for a long time which explains why my blog was down and why it still is not on point yet. But I will get back to work I promise. Thank you to everyone who still stops by. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

So what am I reading now? I am reading "Her" by Felicia Johnson. I am happy to say we are working together and have become very close friends. I am actually reading her book for a second time because I never did a review. I ALWAYS do reviews. But it has been a while and those raw feelings I felt while reading it need to surface again so I can write a great review.

Fun Stuff! We will be doing an interview and a giveaway with Felicia Johnson. You can get the book now or try to win it. It is a best seller and everyone I have been in contact with seems to like it. So pick up a copy today. If you have any questions please ask me!

I usually read two to three books or more at the same time but I just cannot right now. That is okay because this book although long is a fast read. You will not want to put it down. I wish I were reading it now!!!

Pick it up on Amazon or go to the authors page HER. Take a look around. She is in the process of updating it so keep stoiping back.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

DId You Get Your Book?

I had a lot of old contests in my sidebar. I always notified the winner, the author, and posted it to my page here who the winner of all the contests were. PLEASE let me know if you never got your book. I do not have the information anymore so you will have to let me know the name of the book and the author and then I can help you. I hate to say this but sorry to be sick because I always follow up with my contests. But I know how fun it is to win a book (I have two drawers full!) and I have not received some in the past and just wrote the author. So let me help you out. For those who got their books I am so happy for you and I hope you are enjoying your book!

Have a great day!

Mental Stigma?

This is very cool. The website is great and they said it was okay to publish this short book of cartoons about mental health. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And I do suffer from extreme anxiety and have friends and loved ones who suffer from other mental health illnesses so make sure you pass this on!