Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winging It Wednesday

Welcome to "Winging It Wednesday". If you are not familiar it is where I pick a blog at random and do what they are doing that day or within the past few days. Today's blog is This was a post from yesterday but it is perfect.

The blogger had a post "10 Random Facts About Us". Hers were interesing. So in the spirit of fun, here are 10 random facts about me:

1. I love cows and sheep. I do not know why. I loved them ever since I was little and when I was in middle school, my friend and I would make mooing and bleating sounds in the back of the classroom. When I go to one of my doctors we pass Rutgers and they have an agriculture program and the cows are usually out. I never get tired of seeing them.

2. There must be sweets in the house at all time, even if I am on a diet. I need sweets everyday. Sometimes it is iced cream, sometimes bakery goods, sometimes stuff from the store like M&Ms. But I crave it so much and it makes me happy. I have been known, sometime before dawn, to leave a note in the hallway for my husband asking him to pick me up something from somewhere. Poor guy.

3. I used to be a bit of a groupie. I love hard rock/heavy metal and would follow the local bands around. I always had fun and it was nice to be in the front row. Then I got to talk to the band. Usually always nice guys.

4. I was in the newspaper once. There was a horrible storm and it rained so much, and as I was coming home from work, I could not go under or around this overpass to get home. I was only about 10 minutes away. I went into the diner right before the overpass. As I was waiting for a table in the diner, a nice looking guy asked me if I was stuck. I told him yes. He stated he was from the local newspaper here in my county and could he interview me. Of course I said yes and have that clipping to this day.

5. I collect Barbie Dolls. My mother gave me her collection when I was old enough. Then when I was done cutting hair, etc.(which I did not do to too many of them) I got older and was, at 13, still playing with Barbies. Don't judge! But then I started realizing their value. But that is also when they started putting out special editions. I have the first Bob Mackie Barbie. If you do not know who Bob Mackie is look it up because that is a pretty cool Barbie, still in the house, I never opened the box.

6. I am a HUGE movie buff. I have seen over 2,000 movies and I keep a notebook, A-Z with all the movies I have seen. I started the book back in 2011 so I had to remember movies from my past as they came up as a repeat or as it just popped into my mind. I read more now but will not pass up a good movie. In fact, I have three in my DVR. And I definitely will not pass up old black and white movies.

7. I do not like jewelry. I like one or two things but mostly, to put it on and take it off is a pain to me. Rings are the most I will go. And I do have twice pierced ears but do not wear earrings. Also had the belly button and tongue done but that great old fast. I have a nice collection. My boyfriends used to love me. No expensive gifts. The one thing I wear and treasure is a sterling silver (I hate gold - my wedding band is platinum) Steelers necklace. I do not leave home without it!

8. I have to watch "American Dad" everyday from 1pm-2:20pm. I love that show and although I could and do catch it on Adult Swim at night, it comes at the time my husband is leaving for work and I know I am going to have me time. Sometimes I am blogging and it is on in the background. Sometimes I just have to get my Dad on!

9. I am a picky eater. Even with sweets. If it is lumpy, bumpy, looks funny, smells funny, never heard of it, you can keep it. My husband, over the years, has snuck things into my food and told me about it later. But I did start liking a few new things based on those experiments. I am still afraid to even try something. I am a comfort food person.

10. Commercials have been known to give me nightmares. Remember the dancing baby? That was freaky and when it would come on I would have to close my eyes. Now if I see a freaky commercial I have to close my eyes and I have to mute it because if I saw the commercial, then I am envisioning it. If I am watching tv with hubby, he tells me when to look again.

So that is me. You may not read my blog anymore lol! No I have always been weird and could have put a lot weirder stuff in trust me.

This was a lot of fun. Maybe you can think of 10 random facts about yourself that you would like to share. Or even one you can comment on this post!

I will see you again next Wednesday!