Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I mentioned a day or two ago that I would have some more giveaways coming up attached to book tours I am doing. For now though, here is the scoop:

Seaside Romance by Mia Ross. This giveaway is ending in about 5 hours. So where are all my romance fans? I have read Mia's work as I have stated before and it is very good. So get on board while you can! Tick Tock!

My Date From Hell by Tallulah Darling. This giveaway ends in two days. Again I am reading the book and it is very good. If you like mythology, humor, and romance this book has it all. You still have time but do not let it slip by because then it will be 7p on Thursday and you may be cursing that you should have entered.

The Aqua Net Diaries by Jennifer Niven. I did an interview with Jennifer Sunday and she was nice enough to offer a soft cover copy of the above mentioned book. I read the book and it was great. If you grew up in the 80s and are a girl, it is a must read. I think even if you are young or old, you will enjoy this book. It was very funny. I am getting another book from Jennifer just for me and I cannot wait to read it based on her work with her above mentioned book. You still have 6 days for this giveaway but again, do not let it go by.

I really try to make these contests easy. I leave points you can gain without having to follow an author on facebook or on twitter. It is ideal if you do but I do not want to force you and the author would not I am sure. I usually do so I can keep up with what is going on. But you have free entries so take advantage of them.