Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review of "House of Feasts" by Joven Tolentino with colors by Kwan Wilson

I was lucky enough to know the friend of the author who penned this comic book. I had just read a horrible comic book the night before so I was cautiously optimistic. But what I got was a nice surprise.

This was a horror story but so much more. It is about a woman, Gail Knightly, who wants her grandmother's house torn down because the locals believe it is haunted. Plus she knows it's history and bad memories. And it is run down so she is beyond fixing it up. No one will touch it because they think it is haunted. And then the famous Gail Knightly runs into a woman at the diner she is at who says she will do the job for her. She swears on it. Her name is Bonnie and Bonnie comes to her rescue in more ways than one.

So while Gail and her assistant Karen wait the next day for Bonnie to show up, they chat a bit. Then a car pulls up containing Bonnie and one other member of the wrecking crew, Connor. The last person in the wrecking crew, perched on a rail is Eli. Gail had expected a big production with wrecking balls and such, but they assured her that the four of them could do the job with dynamite.

Eli senses a presence and announces so. He said it is weak but it is there. You just know it is evil. They all go in anyway, even Gail. And what they find is not what they were expecting at all.

This comic book was fast paced and held my attention. The story line was great. Bold, distinctive images flesh out the compelling work and the illustrations and color work was very good also. At the end of the comic there is a mention of "Next - Cult House" so I hope that comes out soon. I would recommend this.

Just go to to get your copy. It will ask you for a donation and these are indie writers trying really hard with good work to keep publishing comics for you. So donate if you can. Any bit helps. It is hard to tell but you can put "0"  dollars in the donation spot to get a copy if you really want to see this comic and do not have the money. But you know what you pay for comic books so again, any amount would help.