Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review of "A Christmas Peril" by Michelle Scott


I still have not boarded that train but I won this short story, a Christmas short story and I was happy.

It is about a Cassandra, a woman who is in love with and dating a vampire hunter, Isiah. She, at one time had her shine taken by a vampire but, as it seems to be not a normal thing among humans, she got it back. She is a friend of the vampires. Because she is a vampire hunter too. She had fallen on the good graces of Hedda and here grieve by doing a favor for her by helping her with a rival grieve.

So it is Christmas Eve and Cassandra and Isiah are invited to a Christmas party of Heddas. Cassandra really does not want to go. In fact, she tries to hide some stakes and some holy water on her. But her dress is so form fitting, the steaks fall out as she bends over. Isiah is not happy. Isaiah trusts the vampires and did not want Cassandra to cause problems. But Isiah does not know about the holy water. And what he does not know is a good thing.

So they go to the party and Cassandra is not comfortable although she is far from the only human there. Plus Hedda is not there yet and Hedda is the one who trusts her. A few things happen, some looks from some hungry vampires, an incident in the bathroom that make Cassandra want to leave, etc. But just as Cassandra is looking for Isiah so they can leave, Hedda shows up. And what happens next no one expected as far as Hedda, Cassandra, and to an extent the grieve is concerned.

I can not say this turned me into a vampire fan but it was an interesting story. I would say it was a mystery and if you like mysteries and vampires you will like this short story.

This short story introduces characters that are in "Stage Fright" also by Michelle Scott. It is the first in the "Bit Pieces" series.