Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lots of Giveaways!

I am not trying to overload your inbox but I do not want to mention all the giveaways in one post and cause confusion.

As you see I have three giveaways up. I already mentioned two. And there will be another one on the 15th so stop by for that. (And stop by before that too!).

What I wanted to mention, and I do not know why this happens but it comes from the tour group so sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, there is a Blitz wide giveaway for "Forever Loved". It is the first one listed on my giveaways and instead of clicking on it on my blog page, just copy and paste it the url into your browser and it will bring you to the contest. There are some great prizes and over 1,000 people have entered already so you better head over there!