Sunday, January 12, 2014


In talking to some of my readers, there was a confusion on two levels. One has been taken care of. The other is that the books that I had up for giveaway last week "Daddy's Got You" and "Where The Dead Fear To Tread" were by two different authors. They are BOTH by author M.R. Gott who not only did a blog post here for us which was great, but also did an interview with me just a few short days ago. I was wondering why people who entered for "Daddy" did not enter for the other book. "The Dead" is listed as a horror book, same as "Daddy". So those of you that entered for "Daddy", come back and enter for "The Dead" because M.R. was nice enough to offer his book up again, once I explained the confusion. And again, this is an ebook so there is no confusion on that either. I listed it that way also.

So have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!