Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Today is Monday. A new day and a new week. And a new column here "Monday Musings" which is just me talking about the books I am reading and what I think as it changes not only from week to week but sometimes from day to day! Time to start some new books or perhaps finish some old books. I may also talk about some other things.

I myself am under a deadline. I had been keeping this a secret but I was asked to read a book by a certain publishing company and I cannot mention the name, but I am very busy finishing that up. I was thrilled when they asked me because the lady in charge saw my blog and wrote to me to ask if I wanted to read the manuscript. Well needless to say I was tickled pink. So I write my review today and the book is out tomorrow. It is a very good book. That is all I can say now. I hope I can post my review here and I sure hope they have more manuscripts for me to read.

Other than that I was reading a short story by Adam Light called Serving Spirits which I hope to finish today. It was his usual creepy horror that I love so much. I hated to put it down.

I am also going to start Rebecca by Jennifer Leigh Wells. This is also a new book. And she is nice enough to guest blog for us hopefully soon and do an interview when I am finished with the book. Since I loved the movie "Rebecca" so much, I am very excited to start this book.

I am still reading And Then Run by Eric Hubolt. This is such a long book and for as amazing as it is it gets tossed to the side a lot. I feel bad. I just need each day where I spend one hour just reading that book so I can finish it. It really is very good.

I had started The Days of Anna Madrigal by Armistead Maupin which I find very amusing. I think this is going to be a good one. I won this I believe from Booklikes and I am glad I did. I have read that there are other books in this series and that they are just as amusing. So when I am done I may check those books out also.

And the last of the books so far that I am reading is Valentine - Prelude to a Kill by Deaniel Cooney with introduction by Noel Hynd. I am LOVING this book. Or maybe it is more in the graphic novel category. I would read this all day long. Oh who am I kidding, like any book reader, I would do nothing and just read all day long!

So that is what is going on so far.

You see I have three contests up. One, and again please enter there is nothing to loose and a book to gain, M.R. Gott's giveaway of "Where the Dead Fear to Tread". As I have said that is next on my list and I cannot wait because M.R. really gives you the chills.

The other contest is "Forever Loved" by Deanna Roy and that book giveaway is part of the Book Blitz that I got to do. So this is only for my readers. You have a great shot at winning.

And if you notice there is a link for the "Forever Loved" tour wide giveaway. I could not get the form here on my page, which happens sometimes. Just copy and paste the link you see in your browser and you will come to the page with the great prizes from that book's tour.

Also you only have to wait two more days and on the 15th, I will have another giveaway.

So GET BUSY!! I have never been disappointed by a book that I won. You get a free book! What is better than that? So far we have romance and horror. I know there are romance and horror fans out there.

I have one more thing that I am wondering. Is it harder to get a book out before the end of the year, or at the beginning of the year? I have to look into that. I think everyone is waiting for the beginning of the year and, as one article I had posted in December or maybe early January said the 2013 books were "old" already which I thought funny but true.

So that is about it for now. I do not want to muse all day long I will be bringing you book news. But I see I have a lot of people reading my blog today which is always a good way to start off the week. You all know how much I appreciate it.

So everybody enjoy your book and have a great Monday!!!