Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Know I Have To Remind You!!

Just to remind you there is only one more day for two of my giveaways. One is one ebook copy Where The Dead Fear To Tread by M.R. Gott. I mentioned more than once that I am reading it and it is really well. If you like horror, thriller, and mystery, enter this giveaway.

The other giveaway is one ebook copy of Forever Loved by Deanna Roy. All of you romance fans should get in on this giveaway.

I will be announcing the winners within 72 hours for both giveaways. I am hoping to, since it will be "the weekend" fit in the announcement sometime when I am taking a break from taking down the Christmas decorations or when I am on the way to the doctor.

And do not forget about the other contests. We need more people!

Also I have one cover reveal planned for January but no more blizs as of yet. That can change any minute. I hope to bring you more book blitzs and great giveaways in February.

One day to go and then I will announce the winner unless we decide to run the contest longer. But most likely not so take advantage of the time now.