Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Don't Feel Well Today

Today I do not feel well. My husband had an surprise day off from work and we cannot even do anything. But you all know me. My first thought was "This is going to mess up my blog". I am a creature of habit. But he had to help his dad and although at 1:30pm (the time he would normally leave for work), he said he would be home in an hour, he did not make it home until three hours later. It is a long story. Initially when he said he would only be an hour I thought "YEAH! One hour of me time". Shame on me.

So I blogged, as you noticed. But I had a nagging beginning of a migraine and I stopped blogging and read for a bit. Not the best idea when you have a migraine but somehow I found the reading comforting. I read until I could not anymore than went back to blogging. Then I put my laptop down and watched "Spongebob Squareants" and felt my eyes getting tired. So somewhere around 2pm I fell asleep and if the dog did not bark when my husband came home I would still be sleeping. But here I am blogging and I plan to read some more.

I have noticed the crazy traffic to my blog since around 1/11 and just want to say, this is why I do what I do because obviously people are liking and appreciating and want to read my blog. And that means more to mean than just about anything. I mentioned yesterday that I may take a weekend but my blog is something I really enjoy bringing you so I do not know when I will ease off. I do know tomorrow is the last football playoff games before the Superbowl. So I have to watch. Talk about depression. When football season is over I do not know what to do with myself. My husband is so happy he married a woman who knows all about football. I often say things before the announcer does, the same exact thing, and hubby says that truly shows I understand the game. Of course I do I have been watching since age 8. So when football is gone, well you may as well take my books away too.

On top of football, the rest of the Christmas decorations come down. So I have to give that time to my husband. Then on Monday I have to drive an hour to see a doctor that I see once a month. The only good thing is I have my cell phone, my brand new Samsung Galaxy 4 so I can blog. I will share this with you because it is funny. The last time we went down to this doctor, I brought my laptop. Yeah. I did. You are not reading wrong. And when it did not connect I did not understand. Does the word "router" ring a bell? I did honestly think I would pick up some waves from somewhere to power my laptop while traveling. I never claimed to have common sense.

So as I am writing this, the medicine I took is kicking in and I feel a little better. And I should rest. But you know, if you read my article yesterday this is my peak time. So I have a hard decision to make. I think I do have to talk to my doctor over my obsessive need to blog.

But it is just so much fun! And it makes me feel better as well. At least today it does.

So keep reading and enjoying. Boy I am glad I got my flu shot this year!