Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WInging It Wednesday

So an interesting thing happened today. First of all I was aggravated because I wanted to be reading and working on my blog and I had acupuncture. Now that is not what was aggravating but what was was the once monthly evaluation and the addition of the chiropractor treatment. Now I know that chiropractic treatment works, but because the office switched over from paper charts to those damnable electronic charts, instead of being out in 45 minutes I was at the doctor's office for three hours.

Then I came home, hungry and tired, but I felt the need to blog.

Then I did something stupid. Being the New Year and all, I was going to get back to exercising. I have a stepper which is not a full one but just the pedals I guess you can say and is lightweight so you can move it from room to room. It is great for exercising. You can even make it easy or put the intensity up by moving a knob.

Well in the hiding of things in order to put up Christmas decorations I did not know where my stepper went. I thought I saw it under a coffee table with clothes folded on top. But the way the room is set up it is hard to see. So I reached in and lifted what I thought was my stepper, feeling it was heavy and it should not be, I lifted it anyway. And once I lifted it I had to put it down somewhere and it was so heavy and awkward I had to drag it into the hallway. It was one I did not know I had and I of course, undid all chiropractic and acupuncture work. And I hurt.

Then I go to to my Wednesday column. And what happens? The blog I pick is blogging about a blog I already follow and comment on mostly everyday myself so she would be doing the same thing I would be doing. So what to do?

Well I looked at her blogs of which the last one was November of last year, but it was interesting. It brought up the expense of running a good site. She explained in detail all of the costs of everything to run her blog and I just about fell over. I aspire to have my blog much more organized and am on a waiting list for someone I really want to work with who is very talented and I know can give me the organization and look I want. And I know about what it will cost. And the funny thing is she has pre-made sites where you plug in the information and there is one I LOVE but it is a far cry from what my site looks like. If I could combine the two themes it would be awesome.

So it lead me to wonder...all of these wonderful sites I see, how much does it wind up costing? How much are people willing to pay? Things are not good right now for most people I know. I do not have extra money that is for sure. But how far will people go to get the look for their blog. It is difficult for someone like me who is not computer savy but I was able to figure out a few things to create what I did. And it seems that the content is the important part of the blog. You can make it all rosy and nice (or with skulls if that is your thing, or with roses and skulls which would be cool!) but is your content good.

I get by with my blog. I get a great number of views a day. And I work hard to help out authors and do my best to put out the best reviews, interviews, book news, my own pieces, book blitzs, etc. And I think I do a good job. I can always do better. I think we can all always do better.

But there is only a certain price I am willing to pay.