Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Do You Get For the Family That Has Everything?

by Maria Mercedes Lara)

What do you get for the family that has everything? Well, according to the list of gifts acquired by the royal family in 2013, people got Queen Elizabeth II and co. some really weird things. Buckingham Palace and Clarence House have released the official gift lists of the royals, and they range from a simple bottle of water to some very oddly titled books. The press releases detail every item that the royals have acquired from their official visits — or, for Prince Charles and his family, what they received on official state visits abroad. Unfortunately, the lists don't include any gifts that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received, as they did not travel overseas on official business last year. However, that doesn't mean the gifts that the other royals got were any less strange. See our list of the oddest royal gifts, from the questionable to the downright silly.

Chocolate Windsor Castle, given to the queen

Family photograph set on a bejeweled ostrich egg, given to the queen

Pair of personalized Nike sneakers, given to Prince Harry

12 bottles of olive oil, given to Prince Charles

Brown leather flying jacket, given to Prince Harry by First Lady Michelle Obama

A radio alarm clock, given to the queen by BBC

A fleece jacket, given to Prince Harry by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

A miner's lamp, given to Prince Philip

Two collapsible chairs, given to the Earl and Countess of Wessex

A bottle of beer, given to Prince Philip

A portrait of the queen burned onto a tree trunk, given to the queen by the Sri Lankan parliament

Six pairs of gardening gloves, given to the Earl and Countess of Wessex

Coconut shell containing rice, given to Prince Charles

Several sample bottles of Holywell Malvern Spring Water, given to the queen

A first-edition copy of The Bone and Joint Journal, given to the queen

A locking wheel nut from an old car on a presentational plinth, given to the Duke of Kent

A gingerbread cathedral, given to the Duke of York

A garden gnome, give to Princess Anne

A commemorative Oyster card (London's version of a subway card), given to the queen

A book titled Your Arms Remind Me of Pork Luncheon Meat, given to Princess Anne

*Blogger's note: Of course I posted this because even before I read the article, I knew there would be a book or two in there. Here is the interesting part - I tend to refer to or amazon for the first book. But I wound up hitting google for the Bone and Joint Journal. As an RN, it did not even occur to me this title would be not a book but an actual medical journal or so it appears as listed. They even have a facebook page As far as the Luncheon Meat book goes, I had to go to google that also but found an article from today so I am going to post that and you can read about this book there. I believe it will be an interesting read. be Royalty.