Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Elements of a Perfectly Styled Coffee Table

by Emily Bibb)

Admit it, you've been wanting that Pinterest-esque coffee table for some time now. We'll let you in on a little secret: it's rather simple, and all it takes are a few key pieces and accents that lend a personal touch. Use this layout as your step-by-step guide or as inspiration to curate the items you already own. Here's how:

1.First things first, begin with a base. Start the "layering" process with this gold rimmed tray ($189) or one similar. Then, style it with small accessories like a brass accent ($175) and a scented candle ($85).

2.Give your guests something to talk about! Coffee-table books that reflect your passions are a great place to start. The covers and content from books like The Design Book ($20), Heirloom Modern ($50), and Jonathan Becker 30 Years at Vanity Fair ($150) have stunning images that turn a good read into actual decor.

3.Add functional accents, too! Agate coasters ($20) will protect your table, while an initialed matchbox (prices vary) and a candle snuffer ($38) lend a sophisticated touch.

4.Lastly, complete the look with a bouquet of flowers. This arrangement ($250) is stunning, but you can keep it simple by grabbing an inexpensive bunch (around $7) from your local grocer or farmers market and adding them to your favorite vase.

*Blogger's note: dream a little dream. I wish my cocktail table looked like the one above. This is a nice little article and it is simple to do to make your cocktail table look nice. I find it amusing that they think we can have just a few books on the table. I do not even want to share how many are on mine. It is a spill-over from the bookshelves. But if you have your bookcase in order, and have some nice new books to put out, then by all means follow the above instructions for a nice looking piece to your living room. And by the way, I am sure it is wonderful, but unless I hit the lottery I am not spending $150.00 on a book. And if I did it would be a Peanuts book. Seriously.