Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Are Having Company!

I have two wonderful authors that will be doing an interview with me here in the near future.

The first author is Judy Croome and she has written many books, but the one I read and reviewed as well as loved was The Weight Of A Feather. Judy will be with us within the next two weeks so keep your eyes out. I highly recommend the book. It is a book of amazing short stories.

The next author we have is Joelle Charbonneau and she wrote Independent Studey which I have read and reviewed here. I really liked this book a lot. It is part of a series but I did not know that at the time. It is a good stand alone book. So be sure to look into that series. I am going to be reading the first book and the third. Again I highly recommend this book. It is YA (yes! One of the YA books I actually like and recommend) and science fiction.

So make sure you keep checking back so you do not miss what are sure to be two great interviews. And there will be a giveaway involved so you can be excited about that. I know I am!