Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Tea

It is time for Thursday Tea again. I looked back at last week's post. Well today I woke up with a very bad headache bordering on a migraine. I took my medication. I am waiting for it to work. So I was not sure about Thursday Tea today.

So regarding my special Thursday Tea book, I have been bad. I have been reading it everyday. I could not help myself! If it makes a difference I had Chai tea everytime.

If you forgot what I am reading, the name of the book is Valentine - Prelude To A Kill by Daniel Cooney with Introduction by Noel Hyde. I was going to read 5 chapters every Thursday but the book got too good. I am on page 230 of 297 and plan on finishing it today. Today is a good day to finish it.

Now when I am done I will review it of course. I already know it is going to get a great review. I am hoping to interview the author. I got this book at 2013 New York ComicCon. I met the author and he signed the book. He was very nice. I had purchased a few books at ComicCon and one of them that I read, there was no information on the author on goodreads. I liked that book so much I want to find out if the author has a Facebook or Twitter site and maybe I can get an interview that way. I am going to check shortly if Daniel Cooney is part of goodreads.

Now after this week i am going to have to pick a new book for Thursday Tea. One, again, that I believe I will really be into and that will be relaxing for me to read with my tea. I have an idea about which book it will be but I do not want to announce it yet. I am going to try harder to leave the reading for Thursday. That was the whole point of Thursday Tea. If I do finish Valentine today I will post a review, if not you have to wait until next week.

I hope you enjoyed Thursday Tea. Again I mentioned where I am in the book and I recommend it.