Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Tea

So Thursday has rolled around again. I am so glad I decided to add Thursday Tea to my line-up because I had a heck of a day yesterday and do not feel to well this morning. So, for a little while, I am going to take my book - if you forgot I choose Valentinte, Prelude To A Kill by Daniel Clooney, Introduction by Noel Hynd, and since I did not read it at all since last week, I am taking my tea, staying in my pajamas, and reading at least a few chapters.

Looking back at what I wrote last week I promised to try to read five chapters a week. Well I was not to far off as I see I am at the start of chapter four. So unintentionally, I did do what I set out to do as close to possible as I could.

So take some time out of your day for a cup of tea. and pick your comfort book and promise yourself to read a few chapters. This way no matter how crazy the week is, you will always know you have Thursday Tea.