Thursday, January 16, 2014

Read On! 14 Must Reads For Tween Boys

by Leah Rocketto)

Now that your baby boy is not so little, it's hard to find books that peak his interests. He'd rather watch a TV show about aliens or tackle friends during a pickup football game than read about where the wild things live. Little does he know there are books about space, sports, and so much more. Here, 14 must reads for your growing guy.

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1. A Chet Gecko Mystery

Written by Bruce Hale, the Chet Gecko mystery series ($6) follows the reptile detective on his often hilarious cases.

2. Hoot

Potty-trained alligators and a fake-fart champion are just some of the characters boys will meet when they pick up Hoot ($7).

3. The 39 Clues

In Rick Riordan's hit series, The 39 Clues ($13), Dan and Amy Cahill must race around the world to uncover a major family secret. Make sure he reads this bestselling series before the movie hits the big screen.

4. My Name Is America

History buffs will love My Name Is America ($4). The fictitious series, told through the perspective of teen boys, documents some of the world's most historic events, from the Civil War to segregation.

5. Ender's Game

Now a movie starring Harrison Ford, Ender's Game ($8) tells the story of a young boy training to save his planet while discovering who he is.

6. Frindle

Before twerk and LOL, there was Frindle ($7). Learn how words come to be with the story of a young boy who wanted to liven up his vocabulary.

7. Crispin

Is your son always being blamed for something he didn't do? Then he'll be able to relate to Crispin ($8), a 14th century teen who must prove his innocence before it's too late.

8. Hatchet

Nature boys won't be able to put down Hatchet ($7), the story of a boy who must survive the wilderness after a plane crash leaves him stranded in the woods.

9. Rocket Boys

Based on real events, Rocket Boys ($16) tells the story of four boys who dreamed of going into space and how they made their dream come true.

10. Rivals

Rivals ($7) scores a home run with sports fans, as it tells the story of two boys who battle each other on and off the field.

11. Freak the Mighty

What happens when a wheelchair-bound boy befriends the school's giant outcast? Learn about this unexpected friendship in Freak the Mighty ($7).

12. Harry Potter

If he liked the movies, then he's sure to love the Harry Potter series ($100). Each books feature scenes and an extra element of fantasy that the films can't provide.

13. Daniel X

Like James Patterson's adult books, Daniel X ($8) is a thrilling read. As an alien hunter, Daniel must save the world from destruction while simultaneously avenging his parents' death.

14. The Giver

When Jonas is selected to train with The Giver ($3), his once calm life quickly fills with chaos.