Saturday, January 11, 2014


I am sorry I did not post today. I wrote a whole post on it and my computer froze. I was to sick to try anymore.

I had a migraine at 11a and was very very sick. So that is why I did not blog today. I had asked those of you who pray to pray for me and those of you who do not to send me good wishes. I would still be sleeping if my husband did not call to tell me he was working late.

I never would wish a migraine on anyone. I blogged about it here, you can look in the archives or look at my other blog it may be easier. My other blog is "Why?" at

So I hope to be back to blogging tomorrow. Usually the day after a migraine you are still recovering. And I hope I do not get tense with my husband working all night. I hate being by myself at night.

Enough about me. My husband is off always on Sundays and Mondays and there is football so there may be less blogging, but I will do my best.

Peace and Love to all my readers