Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of " Serious Sas and Messy Magda"

I won this book from goodreads back in October and it was delayed in publishing so it just came in the mail today. It is very special because it is the first book I won ever and I chuckled when I won it because, if I was one of the characters, I would be Messy Magda.

This is a children's book. It is about a little girl who is very neat, and does all the proper things in the proper way, and her free wheeling, messy, throw all caution to the wind mother who likes to have fun. It is funny because I was sure by the title that the little girl was going to be the messy one. Again, never judge a book by it's cover.

So the story builds up until one day when Magda has to take her mom into school for "Bring your Mum to School" Day. Sas was a mess. Probably thinking about how her mom was going to humiliate her. Magda was already dressed a little over the top, and with mis-matched shoes to boot.

So what happens when Magda and Sas get to school and Magda gets up to introduce herself to the other class? You will have to read the book to find out.

This is a good book for I would say middle-school children. Maybe even younger. I do not have kids I am bad at this.