Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review of "Signed C: The Missing #1" by Mark C. Frankel and Joshua L.A. Jones

I picked up this comic at New York ComicCon this year. It looked interesting and the author sold me on it.

It seems a young girl has gone missing. She is a model and her talent agent finds her apartment empty and also finds a lot of blood. Before you know it, she is in another realm looking for answers. She is a Sorceress and can jump from one realm to another. She meets up with a friend of her who may be able to help. When she gets no answers in the realm she is in she comes back to find something interesting in the apartment that was not there before.

I thought this was a great way to start a mystery. I want to know more about the girl that went missing. I want to find out what other kind of magic this Sorceress has. And maybe what other realms she will look for her model in. I also want to know about the interesting thing in the apartment.
The drawing was a little on the sexy side. The colors were very vibrant. But I think they were still good for this story. At the end it said issue #2 was coming.

This was put out by Wayward Raven and you can find them at