Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review of "Oneiromancer" by Josua Lee Andrew Jones

I was poking around a comic book site and found this neat short story.

It starts out with Peter doing his work and he gets a phone call from his mother to come quick, that his brother Andy was at the hospital and not well at all. Peter gets there just in time to see his brother die. What Peter found odd was that his mother's psychic Sybil was at the ICU. Peter did not like this woman. In fact, Peter thought it may have been a murder but the Sybil said she contacted Andy and it was a suicide. Without Peter's mother's help, the police have an open and shut case.

Peter works for a newspaper so he pitches a piece on exposing all of these psychics. His boss was not to into it at first but gave in. So Peter joins up for a few day seminar to learn how to harness his own power. He calls it psychic summer camp. But before he even gets there, he has a brief run in with the Thought Rider. He thinks this is a dream and dismisses it.

He arrives at the camp and meets Angelo who runs things. But there is also somebody else running things. And his first night there he makes a connection with Thought Rider.

What happens next you will not believe.

It is I would say sci-fi and mystery. It was good. I wish it was longer. But it was a good read.

I was not able to get a copy of the cover. I am going to try to find it somewhere else.